Tree Pruning

Our Tree Surgeons are experts at crown reduction, crown thinning or lifting and dead wooding. The method we use is dependant first of all upon the structural integrity of the tree, and the safety of people and properties in the surrounding area. We will carry out a full assessment of the tree, looking at things like light and aesthetic properties and take into consideration other plants and trees in the area. We will then advise you what the best course of action is and give you a quote based upon this. All of our pruning and tree work are carried out to British standard 3998 2010.


Tree Pollarding

Pollarding is used in a number of ways and is effective in reducing the amount of shade cast by trees, thinning the crown to improve air circulation and keeping on top of the size to improve the aesthetic of the area. Sometimes it is necessary to shape a tree to prevent it from hitting obstacles above it like telephone or electricity lines. Many different species of trees can be pollarded, and on a regular basis can be very effective in encouraging new shoots and prolonging the life of the tree.

Pollarding can be done on a number of species of trees including:
Fruit trees, lime, eucalyptus, sweet chestnut, poplar, beech, eldar, ash, elm and oak.



Tree Felling

Our tree surgeons have over 30 years experience in removing and felling trees. Our arborists can remove any size or shape tree in any situation. Over the years we have removed many trees in awkward places and with the least amount of disruption to the surrounding area as possible.

Straight Tree Felling

Straight felling is where a tree is cut from the bottom and allowed to fall to the ground in a controlled fashion. This method is usually only used on smaller trees or on properties that have enough clear space around the tree for it to fall to the ground safely without damaging anything. We do however try to use ropes & slings to safely bring down a tree whenever possible.

Sectional Tree Felling

Tree Sectioning or sectional felling is the process of dismantling a tree in sections. This method is used in tight spaces or where there are objects or property underneath the tree at risk of being damaged by regular felling. This is a highly skilled operation that requires a highly skilled tree surgeon.

Our expert staff are fully trained to navigate tight spaces and have successfully performed sectional felling in very challenging situations to the highest standards. We cut and lower the trees from the crown to the floor using the best rigging techniques to make sure nothing is damaged.


Stump Removal/Grinding

If you have an ugly tree stump getting in the way then our stump grinding machines are able to remove all tree stumps, leaving the ground ready for landscaping and building works. This kills the tree and stops it from growing back. Our tree stump grinding service is cheap and easy, leaving very little disturbance to the surrounding area. We can remove tree stumps from almost any area including commercial and residential properties. Health and safety is our main priority so we will carry out a risk assessment and provide the best advice on how to go forward.


Hedge Trimming

We are the best when it comes tohedge trimming. We can trim your hedges to any shape with craft and precision. We can trim small hedges to large conifers and anything inbetween and turn it into a stunning feature in your garden. Our staff will work with you and follow your exact instruction to achieve the desired result and create a garden masterpiece! We also specialise in hedge maintainence programmes and can advise and manage any size project. More established hedges require regular maintainence and trimming to ensure they stay compact and dense. Our tree and hedge specialists will do everything required to prolong the life of your hedge and keep it looking in tip top condition.